The Rainforest Understory

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The rainforest understory is very hot, very damp, and the air is still. During the hottest part of the day it is very still.

Understory, Belize.

Monkey in the shadows.

Birds and monkeys may enter the understory in their travels or while looking for food.

And many birds, such as this antshrike, which eats insects on the forest floor, make their nests in the understory.

Antshrike nest.

Ginger plant, Amazon.

Many smaller plants, such as this ginger, bloom in the understory.

And of course, the huge variety of flowers, like this passionflower, that bloom in the understory attract all those creatures which eat pollen and nectar and which pollinate the flowers......


Heliconia butterfly.

Such as this heliconia butterfly, which because of the leaves it eats as a caterpillar is poisonous to any predators who might eat it.

By being brightly colored, any animal which eats this butterfly and then becomes sick, will remember it and never eat one of this type again!

Butterfly, Guatemala

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