Elements of the rainforest


The canopy is the "roof" of the rainforest, formed by the tops of the trees, which may be 80-150 feet tall! In the canopy there is sunlight, wind, rain, and variations in temperature. Flowers and fruits are found here, as are the animals that eat them. Many insects, treefrogs, etc., live here. A few trees are even taller, and stick up beyond the canopy - this is called the "emergent layer". You can learn about rainforest trees and visit the canopy.

The understory is the area between the canopy and the forest floor. Here the air is still, the humidity high, and the heat constant. Above the small plants of the forest floor, the birds and butterflies make this their domain, although they may venture up or down. You can visit the understory.

The forest floor is where many insects live. Many seeds fall to the forest floor. Here you will then also find the animals that eat seeds and bugs! There is much variability in the forest floor - in some areas it floods periodically, in some areas it is very fertile, in others it is not.Visit the forest floor.

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