Animals of the Rainforest Canopy (2)

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Oropendula colony, Costa Rica.

Oropendulas nest in large colonies. They work together to drive off the cowbirds, who still will sneak in and lay their egg in an oropendula nest. The cowbird is larger, and the young cowbird pushes the baby oropendula from its nest and is raised by the mother oropendula.

It is funny to watch the oropendula - he makes a funny "chortling" call as he throws himself forward on his branch, spreading his wings out. He pulls himself upright to repeat his dance. You can hear him, if you have RealAudio: click here.

Oropendula, Tikal, Guatemala.

Sloth, Costa Rica.

The sloth spends his entire life in the treetops, especially those of the cecropia tree, whose leaves are its favorite food.

Perhaps the best way to experience the canopy of the rainforest is to climb up into it! This is the rainforest canopy walkway at the Amazon Center for Environmental Education and Research.

Canopy walkway, ACEER

Canopy walkway, ACEER, the Amazon

On the walkway, as the breeze blows through the trees, you gently sway and move with the canopy and feel a part of it.

As you sway gently with the breeze, you can gaze out into the canopy, watching the birds come and go, and feeling a part of a vast ocean of green.

View from the walkway.

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