Other bugs, insects, etc.

funnel web spider

The funnel web spider eats large insects and small birds...

tarantula wasp

The tarantula wasp attacks a large spider and paralyzes it with her stings. She then drags it off to her lair, where she lays eggs upon it, so that her offspring will have fresh - still alive - meat! We watched this battle, expecting the large spider to win, but the quicker wasp was victorious.


A millipede on a tree way up in the canopy.


Tiny little tube bees - no stingers - enter their hole in a tree trunk - about the size of a dime.

hercules beetle

This beetle is quite harmless - but certainly scares many would-be predators (and humans) away!


This cicada hides by looking like a leaf, and also confuses his potential predators with large eye spots on his wings..


Scorpion, Guatemala.

leafcutter ants

Leafcutter ants cut pieces off of leaves and carry them to their nest along large trails cut into the grass. They chew the leaves and spit them onto large underground mounds, where a special fungus (found nowhere else on earth) grows on the leaf debris. It is this fungus which is their food. When a young queen leaves the nest to make a new colony, she must carry with her a culture of this fungus - if the fungus dies, the new colony dies with it.

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