Spiny iguana

Iguanas are large and reatively slow, so they rely on cammouflage to protect them from predators. This spiny iguana, in Belize, from the viewpoint of a hawk circling overhead, would be invisable.


This lizard resting on a log on the forest floor, also blends in with his surroundings..


Even out on the open beach, this lizard can search for food without being easily seen. Can you see him? Scroll down for a hint if you cannot.


The Biggest Lizard- Beware!

You never want to go swimming at night where THIS lizard dwells - from Florida all the way to the Amazon! Here is a ten-foot alligator sunning himself. I used a good telephoto lens but still had to crawl on the ground to about ten feet away from him! Do not attempt this at home!

Aligator sunning himself. sb photo

© 2001 Stephen Blythe

Hint: look about 1/3 of the way up from the bottom of the photo, amd 1/3 over from the left side...