It's hard enough to SEE birds in the rainforest - even harder to get good photos.

pygmy kingfisher

One way to find birds is by sneeking up on them at night when the roost. This pygmy kingfisher is seen along the Tortuguerro Canals, Costa Rica.

Gray-necked rail

This gray-necked rail was also seen along the canals at night..


This toucan was rescued as a baby and is now a family pet.


Blue-crowned conures at a bird feeder.


Hummingbirds are found throughout the rainforest.


Another hummingbird. A nectar feeder in the rainforest attracts huge numbers! In Costa Rica there are over 40 species. A few more below:

Hummer at feeder, Costa Rica

Hummingbird, Costa Rica

I Don't know if this is a hummingbird or a honeycreeper:



Oropendulas make a strange sound (click to listen - RealAudio needed) as it throws itself forward on its perch.


The skimmer flies low over the water and skims the surface, picking up small edible creatures in its lower beak, which sticks out past the upper beak.

wood stork

The wood stork, although not particularly appealing in appearance, has a huge wingspan and can soar magnificently thousands of feet up in the sky.

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