White-lined bats

White-lined bats sleeping the day away on my ceiling - Costa Rica.

White-lined bat

Close-up of bat - after they woke up, and about five seconds before they silently and swiftly disappeared into the evening.

Bats sleeping under a palm.

Bats sleeping under a palm.


Some species of bats chew palm leaves (or banana or heliconia) to form a tent for daytime sleeping.


The Bats of Tobago!

We were staying in a little cottage in the hills above Englishman's Bay on the north shore. As the sun set, bats woke and left their sleeping spots all around us (this one wedged between two boards in the gazebo), and began flying all about, frantically searching for their next mosquito.

Sleeping bat

Bat going for banana!

I quickly realized that many of the bats were very interested in the mashed banana I had left out that day for the butterflies! I grabbed my camera, telephoto lens, and powerful flash...

I guess these bats are omnivorous!

Bat and banana

Bat and banana

Mother says; "Always eat some fruit and veggies with your mosquitoes..."

"But don't get banana on your nice clean wings!"

Bat leaning over bananas

"And do not fight over your food!"

And don't fight over the banana!

Isn't nature wonderful!!?? -Dr. Steve

© 2001 Stephen Blythe