A Visit to an Asian "Wet Market"

It is called a "wet market" because they do not sell a lot of dry goods and staples, but mostly perishable food items.

Fish for sale!

colorful fish

Colorful fish are in abundant supply at the wet market!

Lots of fish are at the wet market!

Mass quantities of fish!


Of course, there are also lots of veggies at the wet market. Did you ever see green beans THAT long??

Roots, tubers, squash, eggplant, Bok Choy, and all sorts of great foods can be found at the wet market!

tubers, etc.


Eggs. Quail eggs. And 100-year old eggs.... No, I didn't try any!

Some pretty interesting fruits at the market. Note the "mammosa (as they are called in Central America)", which are used medicinally in Costa Rica.

Neat fruit

Strange fruit...

Some very strange fruits at the market. They were pretty tasty inside!

If you want to eat while you are at the market, there are many opportunities to eat all sorts of interesting things...

Eat in - or take out!

Pig guts soup....

...not the least of which is "Pigs organ soup".

There weren't very many LIVE animals to take home to cook. These frogs were waiting to be taken home...

Here, froggy, froggy, froggy...

A visit to a wet market is a fabulous way to experience the culture, and a great place to shop for some very interesting and fresh food. But no thanks on the frogs, please... -sb