The Insect-Eating Pitcher Plants of Bako National Park, Borneo

The nepenthes, or pitcher-plant, is an insect-eating plant.

Carnivorous pitcher plant

 Vine-type nepenthes

There are a number of different species of these carnivorous plants in the karangas. This type grows as a vine.

This specie lives in the soil. Although these plants trap insects with downward-pointing hairs and pools of digestive juices, other insects live in and around them and take advantage of these plants in a symbiotic relationship.

 Carnivorous nepenthes

 Hanging carnivorous pitcher plant.

Looking carefully into the jungle you can see many carnivorous pitcher plants. These plants seem to exist where the soils are poor - some types live in the northern peat bogs.

©2001 Dr. Stephen Blythe