Fun And Games!

1. Multimedia Exploration: Sights and Sounds!

* means good connection required!

Rainforest Life Heard but maybe not seen! Jungle Night - A RealSlide Show*
Peruvian Memories - RealSlide Show* Costa Rica Experience - A RealSlide Show*
Amazon Experience - A RealSlide Show*
Jungle Tour 2(rotating photos with sounds of the Amazon) Jungle Tour 1 (rotating photos with sounds of Costa Rica)

2. Jigsaw Puzzles!

16 images, but each time a different puzzle! With rainforest sounds!
Easy Hard
Moderate Hardest!

3. Write your own rainforest story!

  • Enter your own name and select the variables, and this website will generate a unique story for you!

4. Making sugar at home!

5. Making your own Butterfly Garden!

6. Fun With Ants!

7. Rainforest Pop Quiz!

See how good you really are!

8. Amazing Facts!

Amazing Facts or sights in the rainforest!

Real Player Needed for Audio!
You will need to download the free RealPlayer if you don't have it in order to hear the audio presentations!

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